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What We Do

                                                                                    Why Women and Girls Empowerment?

EFA Foundation helps women transform their lives.

We partner with women’s rights organisations who are tackling the day to day issues that affect women’s lives and who are creating impact.

Our role is to deliver the essential support these women’s organisations need to amplify their voice, increase their impact and bring about greater change.  Examples of our support include:

  • We provide expert training and information so their work to secure women’s rights can flourish
  • We broadcast their demands and successes on the international stage, so they grow their profile and gain additional support from funders and decision makers
  • We connect them to the people who have the power to implement change
  • We connect them with the resources and networks that will strengthen their influence, voice and independence

Together with our partners, we help women achieve change:


1. We help courageous individuals to challenge violence and discrimination

In some countries, this could involve accompanying a girl to a village meeting so she can tell women and men that it is now against the law for a girl to be forced to marry a man after he has raped her, and encourage girls to see they do have a choice.


2. We help women come together

In many different ways, we help women join together, often for the first time, to talk about what they want to change, and then we help them achieve it. This could involve providing training in how to resolve conflicts, or in leadership skills, so women are better able to challenge violence and speak up for better healthcare or education.


3. We help women claim their rights and improve their lives

We might provide legal help, education/training to enable a woman to obtain a divorce from a man who beats her, or work with the police to encourage them to help women rather than return them to their husbands.