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Programs & Services

Need help hiring?

Our Job Matching, Placement and Incentives program offers you the opportunity to connect with and retain the right employees based on your specific needs.

Here's how our Employment Services can help you:

  • Free job postings on our website, job board and via social media resources
  • Candidate prescreening services
  • Recruitment consultation
  • Client employment preparation
  • Facilities available for job fairs and interviewing
  • Apprenticeship coordination
  • On-the-job training placement incentives

Job Matching

Our Job Matching program bridges the gap between the employer and job seeker. Assessment of a job seeker's skills, interests, and capabilities allows us to match your work opportunity with qualified candidates. Based on the needs of the workplace, we can develop an on-the-job training plan to assist in building a successful working relationship.

Job Placement

To participate in a work placement, employers must:

  • provide employment in UK
  • have appropriate workplace safety and insurance coverage and adequate third party general liability insurance coverage

Job Incentives

Employers may be eligible to receive financial incentives that support on-the-job training and work experience opportunities for participants. Incentive levels do vary and are based on the skill level and length of training required.

To learn more about our services, contact one of our Job Developers today.