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What is the Level 3 Assessor Certificate?

This qualification replaced the A1 assessors award in Sept 2010. It is a nationally recognised and highly sought after qualification, which means you are qualified to assess others on their NVQ and on other qualifications in whatever subject you have experience in. The actual qualification is accredited by NCFE and gives you 15 Level 3 credits.

The Assessor qualification includes the following units:

·         Unit 1- Understanding the principles and practices of assessment

·         Unit 2- Assess occupational competence in the work environment

·         Unit 3- Assess vocational skills, knowledge and understanding

You should complete all units to assess both knowledge and occupational skills. The qualification will enable you to assess a range of qualifications under the QCF including NVQ’s, Apprenticeships and Functional Skills.

How is the training delivered?

Firstly you complete an online learning course (Moodle), consisting of 8 modules of virtual lessons, reading, questions and activities. Each module is different in length but takes between 1 to 3 hours. This enables you to get the underpinning knowledge you need before you can start assessing. The new Assessors certificate qualifies you to assess all qualifications not just NVQ’s.

The topics covered on the Moodle are:

·         Principles and requirements of assessing

·         Supporting learners with special requirements

·         Assessment methods

·         Assessment planning

·         How to involve others in assessment

·         Making judgements and giving feedback

·         How to make assessment decisions

·         How to carry out assessments

·         Policies, procedures and codes

·         Record keeping and information management

·         Quality Assurance


You are allocated a mentor who will support you throughout the course and be available to answer any questions. She/he will contact you within 48 hours of registering to introduce him/herself. Once you have completed the Moodle and your mentor is happy that you are ready to assess, you will be allocated 2 real learners. You will visit them in their workplace with your mentor or asses them via Skype. During the assessment you will complete assessment planning, record keeping, observations and set your learners assignments, case studies and tests. You will then also give the learners feedback. You will learn how to correctly assess and support your candidates in the work environment.

What subjects can I assess?

You can assess any subjects that you are “competent” in. Competence is measured by your CV, so you can assess any areas you have work experience and/or qualifications in.

Can I use my own work place?

Yes you can, we have a flexible approach to learning so please call us to discuss this.

What else do I have to do?

You have to be observed/ listened to by your mentor giving feedback. This is done during one of your assessments. You will also complete a statement and standardisation activity. Your mentor will then help you to put your portfolio together which is then submitted for internal verification.

How long does it take?

The total Guided Learning Hours for the course is 84. This is made up of Moodle, practical visits as well as self study. The online learning takes approx 10 hours per week for 4 weeks and the length of the practical is approx 4 hours. The course length is 3months. However you can complete it in 4-6 weeks fast track.

Why Assessing is a career choice of the future?

·         Adult skills remain high on the political agenda through NVQ’s and Apprenticeships

·         There are over 1800 NVQ’s in the UK and these are continuing to grow

·         We are putting live job vacancies for assessors on our job board on a daily basis

·         Job vacancies are for all types of assessing in all parts of the country

·         Apprenticeships are growing fast, creating a demand for assessors