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                            Orphan Child Sponsorship    

Prophet Muhammed ( peace and blessings be upon them) said: "I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in Paradise together like this..." - then he raised his forefinger and middle finger together (Hadith Bukhari)

EFA Foundation focuses on providing comprehensive, individualized care for each child in the present, from nutrition, to health/hygiene, to counseling, to creating happy childhood memories along the way.  But more critically, EFA focuses on the child’s future.  First and foremost, we take whatever measures are necessary to keep the child in school and to assure they succeed in their education.  To this end we attempt to address every barrier, from providing financial support to free a child from labour so that she can focus on education, to counseling families to prevent early marriage of their child, to providing everything the child needs so that she is no burden to her impoverished family, to providing our own/partner organisation supervised accommodation for children who need a home.


EFA Foundation is running a 'sponsor an orphan' scheme in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Gaza. Donating just £25 a month, you would be providing food, accommodation, medical and education - for general as well as Islamic academia. For just £25 a month, you could change the life of a child today and lay the foundations for a more promising future.

Sponsor can:

  • Nominate gender or age group
  • Communicate with children via our administration
  • Sponsorship Duration can be extended/cancel any time
  • Supervised Visits can be arranged
  • Sponsorship Payments Schedule can be arranged
  • Child Periodic Information will be provided